What we do?

Nexumus connects companies and students. For that purpose students register with us and that way enable companies to find them.

We offer the procurement of

  • internships,

  • bachelor / master thesis,

  • trainee positions and

  • permanent jobs.

What does it cost? We are especially glad to answer that question: for students, our service is completely free of charge.

How it works?

You register

with our database

We call you

as soon as a company shows interest in you

The companies invite you for an interview

You do your internship,

write your bachelor / master thesis or land a permanent job

You are an employer?

See what we have to offer on the employers´ side and feel free to contact us personally.

Or convey to us directly your demand.


What is the added value?

For students:

  • attractive job offers
  • less trouble with the application
  • various special offers
  • considerable bonus for further recommendations

For companies:

  • reduction of costs and effort in the search for young academics
  • far reach
  • free marketing
  • totally free of risk

Get in touch

If you have questions, problems or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.


+49 (0)40 / 180 82 553