Advantages for your company:

We have realised that at this time of great demographic changes it can no longer be taken for granted that you find talented young academics. A look at the job market in Germany shows that specialists and young academics are in great demand. Marketing at the university level and offering positions in various portals on the net cost you a lot of time and money.

For this reason we offer you an attractive alternative:

Reach: Europe-wide we look for suitable interns, trainees and graduates in all fields

Free marketing: while looking for suitable candidates we are marketing xour company since we contact the student / graduate personally

No risk: only in case of a successful procurement do you have to pay a fee

Reliability: the size of the fee is determined at the beginning of the search and is therefore independent of the effort necessary. Se "prices" for details

Advantageous: save time and resourcesin the search for applicants

Do not hesitate and face the demographic changes with a partner who will satisfy you.

You want to know what you have to do if you have a position to offer? Find out more here: Procedure