Why should I register with Nexumus?

  • To be found! You need an internship, you want to write your bachelor or master thesis in a company or you are looking for a student work practice opportunity or for a permanent job? Then Nexumus is just what you need. With your application you are in our data base and have the chance to be found by a company!

  • In addition you will have the opportunity to take advantage of attractive conditions offered exclusively to our members. Nexumus has succeeded in securing for our members special discounts with O2 and Maxdome, for example.

  • You think you do not need us because you want to take care of everything yourself? We advise you to register with us nonetheless since it will afford you the chance to receive attractive offers from companies which you may not even have thought of.

    Do your friends a favour and tell them about us! If Nexumus does find your recommendations a placement, you will receive € 30 as a sign of our appreciation!

    You want to know how exactly everything is done? This way: Procedure

    You have not been convinced or you have a proposal how we can improve our offer?
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